Month: March, 2011

Oraku, The Demon Hunter and his Magical Time Travelling Toilet

I don’t remember any single defining moment on my path to becoming an author. Instead there are many little moments that stand out like stars glimpsed through a thick, grey fog, some brighter than others. Try as I might I can’t recall the first story I ever wrote but I do remember the first time somebody asked me to read one aloud. Her name was Sister Anne Terese and she was my third grade school teacher. Read the rest of this entry »

The best place by the fire was kept for…

I used to draw when I was a kid. Monsters mainly, the more hideous the better. I don’t draw much anymore but when I doodle it’s invariably a set of teeth with extra long incisors. The kind sported by vampires in comic books. When I wasn’t drawing monsters, I was rendering elaborate action scenes. These varied from starship battles in deepest space to marines shooting aliens or zombies or zombie aliens, to anything with ninjas. I loved me some ninjas when I was growing up. What’s not to love about a guy in black pyjamas who carries multiple edged weapons around? Read the rest of this entry »

Meeting people is easy

I have a confession to make, Welcome Reader.

I don’t like meeting people. It’s not that I’m misanthropic, or painfully shy. I just struggle to make a decent first impression. At best I’m friendly and forgettable, at worst a little distant. Charm eludes me. Or does until I’m given a few opportunities to warm up. With that in mind, you’ll forgive me if I try and race through this introduction. It’s not that I don’t want to meet you, it’s just that I’d rather skip forward to the part where we already know each other and can talk more freely. Read the rest of this entry »