Behind the curtain

by M.J. Hearle

When I was growing up, devouring every Stephen King and Clive Barker book I could get my grubby hands on, I often wished there was some kind of forum allowing me to communicate directly with my favourite authors. There were questions I wanted to ask  – questions about theme and character, about writing methodology. I wanted to know what their favourite horror movie was, and what inspired them to write. I wanted to know if they liked pineapple or pepperoni on their pizza (pizza was very important to me when I was kid… Truth, be told it still is).

This was before the days of the internet so there were no chatrooms or websites offering avenues of communication. Magazine articles, usually in Fangoria, were my best bet if I wanted information, but these came along far too infrequently and were often disappointingly thin on the sort of goss I craved.

With the advent of the digital age suddenly a whole new world opened up. Most writers now had their own websites – blogs, they called them –where they could keep an online journal and interact easily with their fanbase through the message boards. I could now read everything I ever wanted to know about Stephen King, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman and the other creative people I looked up too. The gulf separating me from idols had shrunk, became a crack I could easily jump over.

Which brings me to the point of this post – the live Q&A. On Thursday 4th of August (tomorrow night – sorry for the late notice) I will be partaking in a live Q&A session via the wonderful Rachel, over at the Fictional Fantasy Facebook page. It starts at 8pm (Sydney time) and will run for about an hour. You can click on the below image if you’d like more information.



There’s no set program – basically its just a chance for me to interact with readers, and answer questions about the book, the writing process and anything else that might come up. If you’ve ever wondered what grade Winter got on her eighth grade Geography exam, or what brand dental floss Blake uses, now is the time to find out. Questions about pizza toppings will not only be considered, they will be encouraged.

Until then,
M. J.