Talli Roland

by M.J. Hearle

When I first started blogging my publisher, Alice, forwarded me a bunch of links to other blogs for inspiration. One of the best was written by a young woman named Talli Roland, author of The Hating Game and the forthcoming Watching Willow Watts. Her posts managed to straddle the line between self-promotion and self-expression, a tricky task for even the most experienced blogger. They were delightfully irreverent, insightful, and informative, sometimes all at once. There’s a definite craft to blogging (one I’m still trying to master) and Talli is one of the foremost practitioners. She’s also one of the most dedicated, updating her site with new posts almost every single day!   

As someone who struggles to generate enough content for a measly 2 posts a week, prolific bloggers like Talli leave me in awe. They also leave me jealous and cursing a world that forces me to work a 9-6pm job that eats into all my writing time. New authors would be wise to read how Talli worked at creating an online presence through her blog, and used a Blog Splash to drive up interest for The Hating Game when it was first launched. I certainly took inspiration from Talli’s success and used her advice when promoting Winter’s Shadow.

Talli very generously allowed me to guest post over at her blog last week. The anecdotes I relay will probably be nothing new to devoted readers who have been following my blog but it might be interesting to see how I repackage old information to suit a different audience. Most of the sites that have given me coverage over the past couple of months were paranormal or YA focused, whereas Talli’s audience is probably more interested in mainstream fiction writing – specifically chick lit. Keeping this in mind, I tried to strike a slightly more humorous tone with the post, downplaying the supernatural concerns of Winter’s Shadow and emphasising the struggles I had finding an authentic female voice. It was a lot of fun to write and I really appreciate Talli giving me the opportunity.

Make sure you check out her daily blog, and keep your eyes peeled for Talli’s new novel Watching Willow Watts when it arrives in November.

M. J.