Halloween Competition Winners

by M.J. Hearle

It’s hot today. The sort of heat that makes you wish you could strip off your skin and scamper about in your bare bones. My office is air conditioned but I still feel uncomfortably hot. It must be my Irish blood. I’m genetically predisposed to overcast skies and warm guinness.

Enough about the heat. Lets talk about something cool – and is there anything cooler than free books? That’s a rhetorical question of course (and no Johnny Depp isn’t cooler than free books. Especially after that last Pirates movie. Ugh!) About a week ago, I posted about a giveaway my publishers at Pan were generously sponsoring. Basically, all you had to do was follow my blog to go in the running to win a copy of Winter’s Shadow.  The response was outstanding, so much so that it made me seriously question why I didn’t do something like this earlier. Who would have thought people would respond to the lure of free stuff?

So, without further ado, the ‘free stuff’ winners are Celine Olivia, Renee Wynne, Rachel Skow, Mia Beckett, and Shirley Ge. Congratulations guys for being the quickest to hit the old “Follow” button. You’ll be receiving a copy of Winter’s Shadow some time in the next couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy the book, and if you do enjoy it make sure you tell your friends. It’s a word of mouth business I’m in and the only way a little book like mine can catch on is through personal recommendations.

Considering the importance of word of mouth – there was a second part of the giveaway designed to reward one of my pre-existing subscribers. Whoever encouraged the most friends to follow me would be gifted the sequel to Winter’s Shadow, Winter’s Light. Denise Tarlinton is the lucky individual who won so she’ll be receiving a copy of my book sometime in May 2012. I know it’s a long wait Denise but I promise you it will be worth it. Winter’s Light is shaping up to be something special.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the competition and who encouraged others to do the same. Even if you didn’t manage to win a book I hope you’ll stick around. In the coming weeks I plan on discussing my experience editing Winter’s Light, the importance of art direction in regards to your writing (it’s more important than you might think), and some other less cohesive, but nonetheless entertaining ramblings.

Until then,

M. J.