Post a photo of Winter’s Shadow and win a signed copy

by M.J. Hearle

I was riding on the bus this morning and noticed the person sitting opposite me was reading a book. It’s rare these days to see commuters reading. Most seem content to plug in to their iPhones and watch fat cats on Youtube trying to squeeze into tiny boxes. Unfortunately, the book wasn’t Winter’s Shadow. This isn’t hugely surprising as my YA paranormal is hardly a cultural phenomenon but it made me a little sad and wistful all the same. Or maybe it was just low blood sugar (I generally don’t eat breakfast until I get into work). Regardless, I started fantasising about seeing someone reading my book on a bus. Good reviews are one thing but actually seeing tangible evidence of a stranger enjoying my novel would be unbelievably cool. I suspect it would not only make my day – it would probably make my month.

Rather than leave this up to fate (I don’t want to spend my days riding public transport, a lonely Ahab figure hunting for that one Shadette or Shadude) I thought I’d suggest a competition to facilitate this vaguely pathetic need for attention. The rules are simple: take a pic of yourself or a friend reading Winter’s Shadow in public (a bus, train, park, courtyard, beach etc.) and perform one or all of the following actions: tweet it with the hashtag #WintersShadow, post it on the Winter’s Shadow facebook page, shoot an email to me at, or include a link in the comments section below. I’ll send a signed/personalised copy of my book to whoever posts the best picture – by ‘best’ I mean the picture taken in the most public location. I figure while I’m asking you all to stroke my ego I might as well try some guerrilla marketing at the same time. Someone might see you reading the book and decided to pop into a bookstore and purchase it themselves. Stranger things have happened. If I get enough pictures, I’ll collate them for a post some time next week. Shameless exhibitionists welcome.

Here’s a pic of me reading the book in my office to get you started (apologies for the growth on my face. I’ve recently discovered I’m part lycanthrope. Jacob – you’re on notice.).

And here’s one of my lovely co-worker, Sam.

Fellow bloggers I’d sure appreciate it if you could spread the word.


M. J.