Despatch from Olympos, Turkey

by M.J. Hearle

Apologies Shadudes and Shadettes for the radio silence of late but I’ve been on holiday. Am stil in fact on holiday in Turkey with my better half, Greta. Apologies also for the brevity of this post but I’m typing on an iPad and find the virtual keyboard a little clunky

So Turkey…

It’s hot. That may seem a little pat but at the moment it’s my overwhelming impression. Another tourist might wax rhapsodic about the delicious (and cheap) food, the friendly locals or the landscape rich in history and geographical splendour, but for this particular fair skinned fellow it’s the heat that stands out. As such I’ve spent much of this first week skulking in the shadows like some kind of night beast. Please don’t think less of me. It’s not my fault I have the complexion of an Irish potato farmer.

The benefit of being UV-challenged is that I’ve been able to get some writing done. My ‘Claudette’ short story – which should have been finished months ago – is finally nearing completion. I think it’s a good story. In particular, I’ve enjoyed writing exclusively from a sociopath’s perspective. Not sure what it says about me, but it’s fun tapping into such a damaged character’s mindset. Dexter ain’t got nothing on my Claudette.

So Turkey’s hot but it’s also provided me with bouquet of vivid memories: the sun setting over the Blue Mosque while the call to prayer rises and falls; a cavernous underground city in Cappadocia; giant termite-like hills used by the ancient Aesthetes as home and church; a misty canyon traversed by hot air balloon; Roman ruins littered with Coke cans; an icy mountain stream winding its way down from Mt Olympos where secret fires burn eternal.

All this in one week. I look forward to discovering more over the next three. So long as I can find a decent sun block.