Lune Diary: An introduction

by M.J. Hearle

I started this blog with the best intentions. The idea was to create worthy content, not just blather on senselessly about the mundane minutiae of my life. There’s enough of that sort of navel-gazing stuff already out there. I wanted to write articles, not just posts. Thought pieces, editorials, critical essays – the kind of writing I liked to read online.

As I comb back through the archives, re-reading scattered posts here and there, I’m pleased to discover a couple of pieces that fit that description. I wish there were more but the reality is, serious writing requires serious thought which more often than not translates to time spent thinking said serious thoughts. If the last couple of years on this blog have a through-line it seems to be this: there’s never enough time.

And so, I’ve decided to take action. I don’t want to spend weeks pulling my hair out while I try to write a lone blog article of literary merit. This seems like a misuse of time and effort. I should be pouring those energies into the books. Why not abandon the blog altogether? Well, I don’t want to do that either. I enjoy blogging, especially the immediacy it offers. Also, this blog allows me to engage directly with you, dear reader, so for this aspect, if nothing else, I won’t be abandoning it soon.

In the interest of being more prolific, however, I’m going to try and treat this blog as a diary. This doesn’t mean I’m going to be writing about what I have for breakfast (I still find such stuff pretty grating). Instead, this diary will be focused on the creation of my next book, tentatively titled LUNE.

Lune is a fantasy novel about about a boy who travels to a magical world where he must undergo a perilous quest to defeat the forces of darkness. Don’t worry, I am thoroughly aware of how generic this logline sounds and can assure you I am endeavouring to avoid or invert every cliché I can. For one thing, Lune is resolutely not about ‘a chosen one’ or ‘prophecy’ or any such thing. In other words, Lune is not Harry Potter, nor would he probably be friends with Harry Potter. He’s that weird kid standing in the corner who mysteriously draws your gaze.

I’d go into a more detailed synopsis but the truth is I haven’t figured it out. The story is still trapped in a metaphorical block of marble. I can vaguely sense the shape of the beast within but won’t know exactly what it looks like until I begin chipping away. This diary will be an attempt to chart that process in all its panicky, self-doubting glory. I’ll be writing in a stream of conscious style replete with grammatical and spelling errors so don’t expect sparkling prose. Hopefully, though there will be the occasional valuable insight. Maybe, you’ll learn something? I hope I do. If nothing else, it will keep me honest. After all, I can’t very well keep a ‘writing diary’ without writing.

Let’s get to it, shall we?